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To whom it may concern:  The following guidelines are given to promote the efficient coordination of activities, proper use of space and foster a coordinated approach of our spaces.  Church facilities may be used for various events as long as these do not conflict with regular church calendar activities such as those that appear on the weekly bulletin, or specially held church events that are not regular or weekly (i.e., revivals, joint services, concerts, VBS, etc.)


In order to maintain the proper use of spaces at our church grounds and avoid a conflict of schedule, it becomes necessary to make an official request for such use, either by a party from outside of our church membership or from within our own ministries and activities.  That is especially important when the area requested is not a regular activity of a church ministry.  The requests forms may take up to two weeks to process, except in the case of funerals, where a quicker response is required.  Once processed, the interested party will be notified and a specific room assignment will be made.


Church ministries do need to request the use of space and calendar time when it is not in their regular calendar or their regular use of space.  This is especially true when the use of the main auditorium or fellowship hall is needed.  These do require constant coordination by the church administration.


When a (verbal, written or electronic) request comes in, it must first be presented to the pastor of administration.  He may in turn see fit to present it in the pastoral staff meeting for final approval.  Any acknowledgement or confirmation must wait for the final approval by the pastor of administration.


Some irregular events are that are not part of our regular weekly schedule are:  Activities that another church wants to hold on our grounds, a person or family that wants to hold an event in our property (i.e., youth gatherings, use of the baptistry, associational meetings, weddings of non-members, quinceañeras, wedding anniversaries, funerals, etc.)


It is essential that any church or non-church activities that include minors be properly supervised by those in charge.  When an event is held and minors are involved, the leadership in charge must be present and supervising until the premise is vacated.  The leader responsible for a children, youth or single activity must be present throughout the entire activity and until families have picked up the minors and the premise is vacated.


All requests from outside the church membership for use of our buildings/grounds must be done in writing, by filling out a “Request for Permission to Use a Space or Buildings CHBC.”




The primary purpose of Cockrell Hill Baptist Church facilities is for regularly scheduled Worship Services and church sponsored ministries/functions. Cockrell Hill Baptist Church is pleased to make meeting space available to other organizations, families, or individuals as our building schedule permits. All activities are subject to our Facility Use Policy which encourages utilizing and sharing our facilities while maintaining responsible stewardship.


Room Requests:


  1. Reservations are required to use the facility, both one time and recurring events.
  1. A facilities request form must be completed including:
    1. Agreement to abide by these policies
    2. All requests for setup, equipment, audio/video and microphones
    3. Proof of insurance provided
  1. The facilities request form can be found at www.thehillbc.org
  1. Requests may take up to 2 weeks to process. Once processed, you will be notified and a specific room or area assignment will be made.
  1. Groups are to use only the room(s) or areas assigned to them.
  1. External recurring events will be scheduled for no more than 3 months.
  1. Cockrell Hill Baptist Church does not allow its facility to be used for any kind of personal profit or gain by individuals or business concerns.
  1. Regularly scheduled ministries, programs and activities will take precedence over all other uses of the facility.
  1. Kitchen usage must be requested and approved. All paper products and kitchen supplies are for Cockrell Hill Baptist Church use ONLY.  Outside parties must make provisions to bring their own supplies and paper products.
  1. In extraordinary situations, Cockrell Hill Baptist Church reserves the right to withdraw or modify a previously approved request in the event the space is needed for a high-priority church activity or ministry event. As much prior notice as possible will be given.
  2. A fee or deposit may be required, depending on the request.




  1. Normally the building and grounds close at 9:00 pm Sunday through Friday. The closing time for events meeting on Saturday late afternoon or early evening will be dealt with on a one-to-one basis.  We do not have custodian help to clean up in the late hours of the night. Therefore, a reasonable agreement regarding closing time needs to be in place because early Sunday morning activities require clean areas and a certain seating arrangement.
  1. No non-ministry related overnight events are allowed.


Facility Use Guidelines:


  1. Smoking, drugs, and/or the use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in any area of the church property.
  2. Community based organizations approved for recurring use of the facility may be asked to pay a fee to recover the cost of set-up, take down and cleaning.
  3. Depending on the nature of the request, a fee to recover the cost of set-up, take down and cleaning or the use of utilities may be required.
  4. Users are expected to leave the building clean and in the same condition it was in prior to the event and must remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event.
  1. Users will be held responsible for any damage done to Cockrell Hill Baptist Church property and assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event as well as damages or loss of users’ property.
  1. There should be no nails, thumbtacks and/or tape used on any walls within the facility. Also, no tape should be used on the floors or windows. Only those adhesives that do not cause permanent damage may be used to hang posters, announcements or other materials.
  1. Weddings are subject to the Wedding Policies, please contact the administration for information regarding weddings.
  1. The front entrance is not to be used for unloading and vehicles are not allowed on the courtyard or porch. Whatever needs you have for loading and/or unloading of tables, band equipment, or supplies for an event must be directly discussed and agreed upon with the administration.
  1. Moving, relocating, or modifying any furniture or equipment is not allowed without approval.
  1. Church property in the form of audio/visual equipment, tables, chairs, etc. may not be taken from Cockrell Hill Baptist Church for use without written permission.
  1. When use of an area is authorized, groups should conform to the Church’s standard of conduct and activity.
  1. Any problems with misuse of the building, not following building use rules, or not cleaning up after the meeting or event means that group will forfeit the privilege of using the building. This will be at the discretion of the administration at Cockrell Hill Baptist Church.



Children and Childcare:


  • Children of all ages (infants thru high school) are to be supervised at all times. Childcare is only available for ministries of Cockrell Hill Baptist Church as determined by childcare policies.
  • Playground area is reserved for use by Cockrell Hill Baptist Church Children’s ministries only. Groups may not use outside playground area. Groups are welcome to use the green field area to play games.


 Publicity and Promotion:


  • All signage must be approved prior to the event. Cockrell Hill Baptist Church has the right to remove and dispose of any signs that have not been approved.
  • Any outside group using publicity material and/or making public service announcements in which Cockrell Hill Baptist Church name is used must have prior approval.


 Audio/Visual requests:


  • The use of audio/visual equipment and musical instruments require prior approval and will incur a usage fee.
  • Audio/visual requests must be made at the time of initial request.
  • Use of audio/visual equipment requires one of our trained tech people to operate. There is a fee for this service.


 Use of this facility including any setup needs is a privilege and not a guarantee. In an effort to be good stewards of all that God has provided, we may at times charge fees.


Pastor of Administration


1128 S. Cockrell Hill Rd.

Dallas, TX 75211

Tel. 214-331-5476

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